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Current Open Positions
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PositionJob CodeDivisionLocationHrs per Week
Administrative Assistant for Compliance258-12-17HHSI CorporateMattapan, MA30 - 40
Administrative Secretary Behavioral Health Dept. Per Diem173-10-15Neponset Health CenterPer Diem
Call Center Agent253-12-17Geiger-Gibson Community Health CenterDorchester, MA40
Call Center Agent Per Diem190-09-17Geiger-Gibson Community Health CenterDorchester, MAper diem
Dental Assistant065-04-17Geiger-Gibson Community Health CenterDorchester, MA33.5
Dental Assistant213-10-17Harbor Community Health Center-PlymouthPlymouth, MA22
Dental Assistant143-07-17Harbor Community Health Center-HyannisHyannis, MA18.25
Dental Assistant-Per DiemPDDAAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Dental Care Coordinator119-06-17Geiger-Gibson Community Health CenterDorchester, MA20
Dental Hygienist-Per DiemPDDHAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Dentist225-10-17Geiger-Gibson Community Health CenterDorchester, MA40
Dentist-Per DiemPDDENTISTAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Dietitian185-09-17Elder Service Plan BrocktonBrockton, MA20
Enrollment Nurse117-06-17Elder Service PlanMattapan, MA40
Family Nurse Practitioner for Community Health Center058-04-17Harbor Community Health Center-HyannisHyannis, MA24
Health Educator243-11-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MA40
Healthy Community Champion180-09-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MA6
High Risk Nurse Case Manager121-06-17Neponset Health Center40
Home Care Aide/CNA052-04-17Elder Service Plan BrocktonBrockton, MA20-40
Home Care Aide/CNA252-12-17Elder Service Plan BrocktonBrockton, MA25
Home Care Aide/CNA-Per Diem023-02-17Elder Service PlanMattapan, MAPer Diem
Managed Care Representative-Per DiemPDMCRAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Managed Care Representative-Per Diem221-12-14Harbor Community Health Center-PlymouthPlymouth, MAper diem
Medical Assistant155-08-17Harbor Community Health Center-PlymouthPlymouth, MA26
Medical Assistant264-01-18Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MA30
Medical Assistant250-12-17Elder Service PlanMattapan, MA24
Medical Assistant244-11-17Harbor Community Health Center-PlymouthPlymouth, MA28
Medical Assistant-Per DiemPDMAAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Oral Surgeon-Per DiemPDORSGAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Patient Access Representative-Per DiemPDPARAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Per Diem096-05-16Neponset Health CenterPer Diem
Pediatric Staff Nurse Per Diem186-09-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MAPer Diem
Per Diem Nurse PractitionerPDNPAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Pharmacist-Per DiemPDPHARM1All DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Pharmacy Technician251-12-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MA40
Pharmacy Technician Per Diem146-06-16Harbor Community Health Center-HyannisHyannis, MAPer Diem
Pharmacy Technician-Per DiemPDPTECHAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Physical Therapist170-08-17Elder Service PlanMattapan, MA40
Physician for Elder Service Plan235-11-17Elder Service Plan BrocktonBrockton, MA40
Physician-Per DiemPDMDAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner172-08-17Harbor Community Health Center-HyannisHyannis, MA40
Social Worker LICSW for PACE Program175-09-17Elder Service PlanMattapan, MA40
Staff Nurse255-12-17Harbor Community Health Center-HyannisHyannis, MA32
Staff Nurse238-11-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MA40
Staff Nurse-Per DiemPDRNAll DivisionsAll LocationsPer Diem
Vietnamese Medical Interpreter-Per DiemPDVMINeponset Health CenterDorchester, MAPer Diem
WIC Nutritionist257-12-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MA25
WIC Nutritionist Per Diem212-10-17Daniel Driscoll-Neponset Health CenterDorchester, MAPer Diem